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Address: The Strand, Sliema, GZR 1028, Malta +356 2090 6899
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Ylenia Montfort - Meet the Team

28 January, 2020

Ylenia MontfortWhat does your role at the Waterfront Hotel involve?

My role as HR Executive involves taking care of the company’s greatest assets – the employees. From their first day at work to their last and anything in between such as Health and Safety, Training, Performance, Rewards and Recognitions.  

Why do you enjoy working at the Waterfront Hotel?

We’re a relatively small team but we all enjoy and love doing our job which makes us all more like a family rather than colleagues. 

What’s your passion outside of work?

My passion outside work would be Carnival. I have been participating in the local Carnival since the age of 11 and I spend most of my time all year-round rehearsing, volunteering and dancing in Carnival. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

I was brought up in a family where knowing how to dance Rock n’ Roll is a must. Being just 23 years of age, my guilty pleasure would be dancing to music from the 60s era! I just rather dance the night away with that kind of music than to today’s music, after all as they say… they’re Olden but Golden. 

What would your superpower be?

My superpower would be reading people’s minds. It’s either coming out of my curiosity or my self-consciousness but I would definitely go for that. 

Describe your perfect day...

My perfect day would be waking up a bit later than usual, having lunch with my family and then enjoying our Sunday routine that of going to ta’ Qali football ground to watch the weekly game supporting our hometown soccer team, Valletta FC… it wouldn’t be perfect unless we win of course

Where is your top travel destination and why?

My top travel destination would be Italy. I just love exploring different cities around the country with all their cultural differences and the different dialects in the language are just amazing. 

What is your favourite food dish?

I would pick Chicken Katsu Curry.